Week of September 09, 2019

Thanks to everyone who could make it to our Back to School Night, we enjoyed meeting up with our first-grade families again. For those that couldn’t make it, please make sure to check your child’s homework folder for your IXL and Gradelink login information. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We need to finalize our numbers for Oma’s. Below are the people who have already signed up. If you want to be added or removed from the list, please let us know by Monday at 9 AM. We will be sending out the permission slips Tuesday.




Faria X 2

Flores, Mia


Ojeda X 2








See below what we will be learning in school this week.

Math- We are impressed by how quickly the class can compose number within 5 and 6. This week we will show all of the number pairs or partners “inside” the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The students will use number bonds and addition expressions to model how two parts make a total. We will also be taking our STAR Math Assessment on Thursday.

Superkids- We have completed Welcome Back Superkids and the workbooks are in your child’s homework folder. In Unit 1 we will decode words with sh, ch, and tch. We will also be introduced to our new memory and pattern words for our first Unit. The memory and patterns words will always be printed on the back of your homework planner handout for your reference. In first grade we have spelling tests at the end of each unit. All memory words will be on the test and only some of the pattern words. We will let you know when the spelling tests will occur so you can study at home. The class will be taking their STAR Reading test on Wednesday. This test will give us a range of your child’s reading level which will help us begin taking AR tests as well as create reading groups.

Religion- This week we will complete our first chapter, God is Our Father.

Social Studies- Our first Scholastic magazine focuses on how to be a good citizen at school.

Science- This week’s Spin Magazine focuses on a zebra scientist at work. We will be answering the question, “Why do zebras have stripes?”

Writing- Each child will write a descriptive sentence describing why they are a superkid.

Have a wonderful weekend!





Math- Fluency Dash #6

Superkids- Blackline 21

Other- Read "Catch the Cat"


Math- Fluency dash #7

Superkids- Fill in the sentences

Other- Read "Catch the Cat"


Math- Exit Ticket Lesson 6

Superkids- Rainbow Words

Other- Read "Catch the Cat"


Math- Fluency Dash #8

Superkids- Blackline 24

Other- Read FRY words