Week of September 05, 2022

What a wonderful way to end our week, in mass with our whole STA community. The class did such a wonderful job listening, singing, and participating with our school.

Every week we will send out a detailed letter about the upcoming week through the emails that you have given the front office. Please make sure to read it; all events, detailed information about instruction, and announcements will be in our weekly letter. If you’d like us to add an extra email to our group, just let us know.

Thanks for returning the homework/behavior planner this week. The class was happy to receive their signatures on their treasure map. Please remember to return this week’s planner on Tuesday so they can receive more signatures.

After a treasure map is full of teacher signatures, the kids will choose something from our treasure box. If you would like to donate any items for our box, we would really appreciate it.

We will begin to check homework this week. Our goal for homework is to create good habits that will be the foundation for the years ahead.  For the first quarter we are looking for names on all handouts, neat work, and all assignments returned the next day.  We will be using a color code dot to let you know how well they are doing. A purple dot means work is exceptional, blue means the work has been completed well, and a green means please put more effort into neater homework and/or follow the directions. Homework is monitored so it can be added as a learning skill grade on each students report card.

Today we took our first spelling test.  All tests will be returned on Monday and will be sent home in your child’s homework folder. There will be two grades in the upper right hand side. The first score is the spelling grade out of 10. The second grade will be a letter grade for their penmanship on the test. Below is an explanation of the grades given for penmanship.

  • O – Exceeds grade level standards (all letters in words have correct letter formation, size, and shape)
  • VG- Meets grade level standards (most letters in words have correct letter formation, size, and shape)
  • G-Developing grade level standards (inconsistent letter formation, size, and shape)
  • S- Below grade level standards (consistently not using correct letter formation, size, and shape at first grade level
  • NI- Below grade level standards (never using correct letter formation, size, and shape)

Please sign and return the test by the end of the week that it is returned.

We have a Back-to-School update for first grade. Mrs. Willett will not be able to attend the in-person meeting on the evening of the 15th. We will have a parents only Zoom meeting on Thursday, September 8th at 7 pm. We will send out a Zoom meeting code Wednesday afternoon along with an agenda for the online meeting. On the night of the 15th, the first-grade classroom will be open for all parents. Please feel free to stop by and see your children’s work and visit with Ms. Hernandez.

We sent home the amazing tie dye shirts this week. All shirts will be used for our class field trips. We did have a mix up with shirts. If you did not get your child’s shirt back that you sent in, please let us know. One of our students did not get their shirt back and we need to switch them back. Thanks!

Below is what we will learning in class.

Math- We will be learning how to solve various word problems in which there is change to either the whole or the part. The class will learn to solve problems by using drawings, number bonds, and number sentences.

English Language Arts- This week we will start our first unit in Adventures of the SuperKids. We will learn how to decode and encode -ch and -tch. We have been practicing for our reading rotations which will also start this week. The rotations allow each child to meet in daily leveled reading groups, work independently on grade level work, and complete extension skill work.  Our spelling tests will be every Friday and the words to study can be found on the back of this week’s homework planner. The words this week are pattern words:bunch, lunch, inch, pinch, ranch, branch, chip, chop, chick, check. Our grammar skill is focusing on the use of pronouns.

Writing- We will be planning and writing a personal narrative on something they did.

Science- We are beginning our unit on plants. This week will identify the difference between living and non-living, understand what a plant needs to survive, and complete an experiment.

Religion – This week we will learn that God is our heavenly father, God promises to love us always, we will look at our class Bibles and read some stories from the Old Testament.

Thank you for reading this super long letter, we promise they will get shorter as the year progresses.

There is no school on Monday in honor of Labor Day. Please arrive to school on Tuesday in PE attire.

Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Willett

Ms. Hernandez


Acknowledging that God is in all things, St. Therese Academy strives to ensure a Catholic, Christ-centered education for all our students. The administration and faculty recognize the parents as the primary educators of their children and seek to assist them in this educational and spiritual endeavor. We strive to create a faith-filled, Catholic Christian community committed to high educational standards within the framework of Catholic principles.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a Catholic Christian foundation through which each child can realize his or her potential as a citizen of the global community.



No School- Happy Labor Day


Math- Module 1 Lesson 9 Homework

ELA- Backpack 6

Read "Catch the Cat!"


Math- Module 1 Lesson 10 Homework

ELA- Backpack 7

Read "Catch the Cat!"


Math- Module 1 Lesson 11Homework

ELA- Study for test

check, chick, chip, chop, branch, ranch, inch, pinch, bunch, lunch

Read "Catch the Cat!"