Week of October 07, 2019

What a quick week!

We loved meeting the special pets that could make it to school today. The kids love sharing their animals with their classmates.

We are accepting clothes for our first class service project. Please make sure they are sent in Ziplock with your child’s name written on the front. This will help us pass them out on the day we wrap them.

Your child can wear a pink shirt with jeans for $1 donation on Monday and Wednesday of this week. All proceeds will go to The Making Strides Walk that our school will be participating in on Sunday, October 20th. If your child wants to wear their regular uniform on those days, they can.

Friday is dress uniform because we go to mass with our grandparents or special friends. Details about times will go home in the schools WAAG this week. After mass, the children will have to come back to the classroom to pick up their backpacks. We will dismiss them when we see their grandparent, special friend, or parent.

Below is what we will be covering for the week.

Math- This week we will be learning strategies to help become fluent with addition problems up to 10. We will learn how to use the addition chart to explore patterns and make connections between addition facts. They will also recognize doubles (3+3=6) and doubles plus one (3+4=7). IXL A.11, any C, H.1

Superkids- We are starting Unit 3 which focuses on decoding /ng/ and /le/ words. Our memory words for this unit are do, have, show, how, me, and a. Pattern words are king, sing, bring, long, song, strong, candle, handle, battle, cattle, and rattle. We will continue to learn about the setting of a story and the problem and solution. IXL D.2, F.3, and F.7

Writing- We have started our fall paragraphs. Each child has some good reasons for why they love fall. We will continue to work on the detail sentences.

Religion- This chapter focuses on how Jesus works among people. The class will learn about John the Baptist and Zacchaeus and how Jesus shared his love with them.

Social Studies – In our California Studies Weekly magazine we will investigate the difference between fact and fiction.

Science- We will be looking at pumpkins this week and the cycle of rotting and making compost with its bits. Our class has a pumpkin which we will carve, use the seeds to start our own pumpkin plant, and watch it rot and add it to our compost pile at STA. Does anyone have a small bag of soil that we could use for our seeds once they germinate? If so email us, thanks.

Have a great three day weekend!

Shauli Willett

Angie Hernandez




Superkids- Blackline 34

Math-Homework 20

Read "Bubble Gum Cut"


Superkids-Blackline 35

Math- Homework 21

Read "Bubble Gum Cut"


Superkids- Blackline 37

Math- Number Dash 9

Read "Bubble Gum Cut"


Superkids-Blackline 39

Math- Sprint 19

Read "Bubble Gum Cut"