Week of May 13, 2019

Good Afternoon,

What a special week for all the teachers at STA. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families at our school. Together, we make the best team for educating your children.

Next week is already the middle of the quarter. The progress report will be in your child’s homework folder on Wednesday. Please sign and return as soon as possible.

The school art exhibit will be set up all week in Murray Hall next week. Please feel free to stop by and look at the examples of artwork from this year. We will go as a class Wednesday afternoon. The kids are always so excited to see their work on the wall.

Our buddies bowling trip is on Thursday! We are all so excited and ready to go. Please have your child dress in their spirit wear for the day. We will leave school right after lunch (so pack the usual please) and we will return to school at 2:30. I don’t know who is more excited, the 7th graders or first graders. 😊

You received an invitation for our Parent Appreciation on Thursday. Please let us know if no one can be there for your child. If someone can’t be there, we will get a buddy to share the special day with them.

Here is what is planned for the week.

Math- We are finishing Unit 8. We will review on Tuesday and take a test on Wednesday. The homework for Tuesday night is to review the paper that will be in the homework folder. IXL X.8, X.9, X.10

Superkids- We are also finishing our Superkids unit this week. The spelling test will be on Wednesday and the words are know, laugh, both, cold, again, does, far, turn, bird, and corn. We will start unit 6 on Thursday and the objective is to decode words with -oi, -oy. The new pattern words are kind, buy, find, right, wash, and light. The pattern words are oil, boil, soil, coin, join, point, joint, joy, and toy. IXL Q.1,Q.2

Religion- We are in the last chapter of our Religion book. The class will be able understand that good actions give glory to God. After we finish our book, we will begin our Family Life unit for first grade.

Social Studies- This week we will learn about immigrants, why and how they came to the United States.

Science- The class will be able to explain why flowers bloom.

Writing- We are revisiting the format of how to write a letter. We have some very important letters to write. 😊

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. We look forward to celebrating with you at our Parent Appreciation on Friday, May 24th.

Have a wonderful three-day weekend!






No School- Happy Mother's Day


Math- Homelink page 244

Superkids- Study for spelling test

know, laugh, both, cold, again, does, far, turn, bird, and corn.

Other- Read book/books of your choice- 10 minutes


Math- Study for Test

Superkids- ABC order

Other- Read book/books of your choice- 10 minutes


Math- Fractions Worksheet

Superkids- Sentences

Other- Read book/books of your choice- 10 minutes