Week of March 18, 2019

Good Morning,

What a week!

We were so lucky to have our Stations of the Cross presentation and retreat on the same day. The class did an outstanding job in church. We loved having so many of our first-grade families there to be part of their first leadership role in church.

A HUGE thanks to Mrs. Hallak for organizing our retreat. Also thanks to everyone who was there to help make the day a success. It was flawless, and the kids had a blast.

Below is what we have planned for our week in class.

  • Math- We are coming to the end of Unit 6, there will be a test the week of the 25th. The lessons focus on the introduction of quarters and counting mixed coins. IXL N.10, Q.4, Q.5
  • Superkids- This week we complete our unit focusing on changing y to i when we add -er and -est. The spelling test will be on Wednesday. Thursday we will begin unit 3 which focuses on contractions, long vowels, and words that do not follow the long or short vowel rule. IXL M.7, V.2, AA.1
  • Religion- We will complete Chapter 18 which focuses on why we go to God, our good shepherd. Also, on Friday afternoons we will start to pray a decade of the rosary before we begin our fun Friday rotations.
  • Science and Social Studies- Due to our afternoon practicing for our stations presentation we will complete the Science and Social Studies lessons that were planned for last week.


We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather. It looks like we have rain in the forecast later this week.


See you tomorrow!






Math- Homlink page 185

Superkids- Sentences

Other- Read "River Rafting"


Math- Counting coins worksheet

Superkids- Study for spelling test

their, now, always, because, been, funnier, sunnier, happier, happiest, angriest

Other- Read "River Rafting"


Math- Homelink page 187

Superkids- contraction worksheet

Other- Read "River Rafting"


Math- Homelink page 189

Superkids- Read FRY words

Other- Read "River Rafting"