Week of March 04, 2019

Good Afternoon,

March is here and Lent is around the corner. We have so much going on the next couple weeks, please see the details below.

First, our school wide annual poetry contest is about to begin. We start by having each child choose a poem of their choice. The first-grade requirements are a minimum of 10 lines and a maximum of 16 lines. We have set up a sign-up sheet on our class Shutterfly account. There is an example added to the list, so you know how to fill in the required fields. We are asking that there are no repeats in poems. Each child’s poem should be selected and added to the Shutterfly account by this Friday. Please send in a copy of the poem in your child’s homework folder as well. All poems must be memorized by Monday, March 25th. We will pick three first grade representatives to be part of the Oratory finals on Thursday, April 28th. The Oratory finals take place on Monday, April 15th  from 2-3 in the Social Center. A detailed flyer will be in your child’s homework folder on Monday as well.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and we will be going to mass at 11. Our class will be singing the final song with 7th grade at this mass. Please have your child wear their dress uniform and shoes for mass and feel free to join us.

Our retreat will be in two weeks, Friday March 15th. We will be presenting the stations of the cross at 9 am on that day as well. Please contact Mrs. Hallak to help with the day.

Progress reports will be in your child’s homework folder on Wednesday afternoon. Please sign and return as soon as possible. Thanks!

Sign ups for the school wide talent show will be on the door of AER1 this Wednesday. Tryouts will be held after school on Thursday, March 14th.

Below is what we will be learning in class this week:

Math- We will start our unit on shapes this week. The students will be able to identify the difference between open and closed shapes, attributes of flat shapes, and three-dimensional shapes. IXL V.1, V.2, V.3, W.1, W.2

Superkids- We will complete our first unit in More Adventures of the Superkids. The class will take an assessment test on Tuesday and they will have their spelling test on Wednesday. Thursday we will begin the second unit which focuses on decoding words that end in y, -ier, -iest, -ied, and -ies. The students will be able to identify the homophones their and there. IXL EE.2, EE.3, EE.4

Religion- This week we will focus on Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and get ready for our Stations of the Cross presentation. We will celebrate Mardi Gras on Tuesday with making masks and eating a Fat Tuesday treat.

Social Studies- Our Social Studies Weekly will cover the difference between a need and a want.

Science- The class will be able to answer the question, “How is plastic made?”

See you at school!




Math- Lesson 1 worksheet

Superkids- write a sentence with the memory words

Other- Read "Jumping Rope"


Math- lesson 2 worksheet

Superkids- study for spelling test

down, too, work, many, first, try, jelly, funny, say, and play

Other- Read "Jumping Rope"


Math- sprint A worksheet

Superkids- blackline 27

Other- Read "Jumping Rope"


Math-Lesson 3 worksheet

Superkids- practice FRY words

Other- Read "Jumping Rope"