Week of

We had a great week in first grade, learning facts about the Statue of Liberty, practicing the double and doubles plus one strategy, reminding ourselves that Jesus was in a family too, and finishing out the week in our PJ’s.

This week will be busy with several important activities.

First, if you need to retake a school picture, make ups are on Tuesday. Please some to school in dress up attire if you are taking your school picture.

Tuesday is also the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and the blessing of the animals. There will be an all-school blessing of the animals during morning assembly. It is always such a special event.

Friday is our Grandparents/Special Friend Day at Saint Therese. The classrooms will open at 10:30 and the students will get the opportunity to show their loved ones first grade. At 10:50 we will all go to the church for mass.  If your child will be leaving with their grandparent after mass, they must come up to us and let us know they are leaving. Please let us know if your child will not have a visitor for this day.

In the month of October, the school has several optional pink shirt with jeans days. To wear a pink shirt and jeans we ask for a $1 donation. All donations go to the American Cancer society. This week Wednesday is the day we can come to school in pink shirt and jeans.

Our school policy is that if you are chaperoning a field trip and you will be in small groups away from the teachers, the parent must complete an online program. We will be sending our Oma’s chaperones the information to complete this program this week.

Below is what we will be learning in class next week.

Math- This week we will explore number bonds to create fact family. For example, a fact family is 1+2=3, 2+1=3, 3-2=1, and 3-1=2. Fact families help students understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, which lends to memorizing their addition and subtraction math facts. We will also be learning how to solve subtraction word problems through drawings and subtraction expressions.

English Language Arts- We will introduce decoding and encoding words with /ng/, read stories about Golly, practice identifying nouns, pronouns, and verbs, learn about opinions and how to support them with details, and continue to understand setting and characters. The spelling words for this week are king, sing, thing, hang, bang, sang, long, song, hung, and sung.

Religion- This week we will learn about Saint Francis of Assisi.

Science- We are continuing our understanding of plants by reviewing the external parts, the specific parts of leaves, and learning the lifecycle of a plant, and begin to understand photosynthesis.

Happy October!

Mrs. Willett

Ms. Hernandez