Week of October 02, 2017

October 1, 2017

What a day we had on Friday; fun Friday, our first class store, and family groups. The class store was hysterical, it was like your children have never shopped with their own money before. Make sure to check out their purchases.

In your children’s homework folder is their progress reports. Please sign them and return to school next week.

You also should have the Chapter 2 Religion Test in the homework folder. Please sign and return this test by Wednesday.

Also, this week our permission slips and money for our field trip to Oma’s Pumpkin Patch are due. The following people have volunteered to chaperone.

Arabo, Mendoza,  Mikulsky,  Shamoun, Giuliani, Watson, Williams, Jonsson, Lowry, Machado x 2, Monelt

If you would still like chaperone, please let me know by this Tuesday. We will send you your groups and details the week of the field trip.

Thanks to those who have already returned their Grinch permission slips and money. These are due November 9th. We would like to pick the two chaperones for this field trip this week. We already have Arabo, Guiliani, Lowry, Machado, Snyder, and Williams told us they are interested. Please email us if you want to be put into the drawing.

In Superkids we will be finishing Unit 1 this week. The whole unit has focused on the blended sounds of sh, ch, tch. We will have our first Spelling test on Thursday. The memory words and some of the pattern words will be on the test. For Math this week we will continue to learn how to count pennies and dimes together as well as learn how to read a clock to the hour. In Religion we are starting chapter 3. This chapter focuses on what makes us human and that we can think, choose, and love. Finally, we are finishing up our first chapter in Science. We will continue to learn about the water cycle and begin to review for our first test which we will take in another week.

Here are a couple reminders for our busy week ahead.

  • On Monday and Wednesday your child can wear a pink shirt and jeans for $1. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness. If you choose not to wear the pink, please wear the usual uniform for the day.
  • Wednesday is the Celebration of the Feast of St. Francis/The Blessing of the Animals.
  • Friday is Grandparents Day. The grandparents can visit our class from 10:30-10:50. We will go to mass and your child can sit with their grandparents. This is a dress up day.

Happy October to you all!

Shauli Willett

Angie Hernandez


Math- Nickels and pennies worksheet

Superkids- Rainbow words

I, my, she, her, he, his

  • Child can wear a pink shirt and jeans for $1 today.


Math- Clock worksheet

Superkids- Read "Fix the Clock"


Math- Math Boxes page 17

Superkids- Spelling 3 times each

dish, fish, wish, dash, crash, trash, lunch, punch, crunch, catch, match, patch

  • Child can wear a pink shirt and jeans for $1 today.
  • Blessing of the animals at morning assembly.


Math- Math boxes page 22

Superkids- Read "Fix the Clock"


  • Grandparents day today!
  • Permission slips and money due today for Oma's Pumpkin Patch.
  • Noon dismissal