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August 24, 2017   Dear Parents, Welcome to First Grade! We are so excited to meet all of you on Monday. To make the first day of school run smoothly for your kids weREAD MORE

April 16, 2018

Good Morning,

Thanks to everyone who has returned the report card envelopes. We need them one more time, for the fourth quarter grades.

We have another busy week ahead!

  • Math- This week we will be concluding our unit on shapes. We will focus on 3D shapes and symmetry. Our test on this unit will be Tuesday, April 24th. IXL W.1-W.4
  • Superkids- We are also concluding Unit 10 in Superkids this week. We will have a spelling test on the following words on Thursday. IXL P.1 and P.2
    • couldn’t, didn’t, wouldn’t, can’t, haven’t, weren’t, won’t, aren’t, don’t, and isn’t
  • Writing- We will start discussing what an interview is and decide on some questions that they will ask one of their parents.
  • Religion- Our focus this week is Jesus our Savior is born.
  • Social Studies- The next American symbol we will be learning about is the Liberty Bell.

Before our break we sent out an email with information about the school wide Oratory Contest. The children must bring in a copy of the poem that they have chosen by this Friday. They will practice at home and in class. We will choose 3 representatives on Friday May 4th. The 3 first graders will then recite their poem to the whole school on Wednesday May 9th from 2-3 in the Social Center. At the end of this email are the guidelines for choosing a poem. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Now that Lent is over, we will be reopening our end of the month student store. We will only have two more “Class Stores” and need some items. If you would like to donate some things for our class store, we would appreciate it.

We will be having a school wide music performance on Thursday, May 3rd from 1:30 until 3 in the Social Center. The attire for the event is Sunday best or dress uniform. Save the date and we hope to see you there.

This Saturday is our school first ever school wide movie night/camp out. If you are interested in this event, please see the details on our school web site.

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and we will see you this week!



St. Therese Academy Oratory Tournament 2018


In honor of National Poetry Month, St. Therese Academy will hold our third annual poetry tournament.  Each student in grades Kindergarten through Eighth is expected to participate in this tournament as a learning experience in Language Arts. The aim of the tournament is to build competency in the art of communication.  By sharing of themselves, our school community grows closer together while children learn valuable public speaking skills.


Division Classification Length
Grades K-2 ·         Choice of poem

·         Pre-approval req. by teacher

·         Selection must be professionally published.

·         No excerpts from poems

10 lines minimum

16 lines maximum



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